Monday, September 3, 2012@12:21 AM
Before I go to sleep, I feel like update my post.. About money again $.$

Wishing to get more money for September.. My wish had come true.. I collect the new Malaysian money everyday.. Depends on how much I had receive the new money per day.. I AM COUNTING THE MONEY TODAY!!! I am too free after coming back from college.. I count and tied it with rubber band..

I never know I had collect this much since the new Malaysian $$ had release.. Everyone here must be asking me, why I want to collect new Malaysian money.. Actually, I very curious the new money from the start because I heard lots of rumors saying Malaysian money almost look the same like "GHOST money".. forget about it because its hungry ghost month!! no ghost here or there for my post!! haha

Guess how much I had collect?

It is about RM1000 and above..

I am not showing off here.. Just wanna let you guys know that, you can save these much if you save atleast RM10 per month or less..

Starting now! I will save my money everyday.. You can try it out =]

Okay, that's all for today.. Start saving money from now on !!!

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