Saturday, September 1, 2012@11:18 AM
Happy September to everyone.. Day by day.. Month to month.. Times past SO quickly.. August had ended and welcome to the new month of September. Everybody wish to have a good times on September but I wish to get more more more money.. Imma money face $.$ !!! I'm kind of girl who likes to spent money when I'm young.. I can spent RM500 for one week or even per day.. Can you imagine what type of girl am I last time? I had controlled myself right now.. No more spending my money away except things that I really wish to buy and things I really need it! Less going to shopping until this week.. I go often again.. and I spent RM1500 per week.. GOSH!! Am I saying RM1500? Seriously, my RM1500 had gone.. I gonna stop it and no more spending any money from now on except people sponsor me to buy ma stuff.. $.$

A few weeks ago, i ask myself, "What should I do today?!" I have nothing to do.. Travel to KL had end.. Whatcha need to do after this??? CRAZY!!! I have nothing to do because my sem break haven't end. I wish to end quickly but when the day gonna end, I wish to go back to the day.. LOL!!! Why people always wish to have the things they want but when it comes, they don't want it anymore.. Hahahaha!! Crazy right? So my life is study, work, study, work.. This is my life?? No,no!! I have my friends too... Shopping is always and social too!! This is what I need to do for my life..


I have no idea what's happening right now.. I don't feel any study mood yet.. More to holidays mood man because our lecturer saying jokes more than studies. I have no idea what to do except hearing jokes from my lecturer..

I got a cute and funnies lecturer for my BM course. She is just awesome! Luckily I didn't missed out the class on Tuesday. Most of people had missed out.. What a wasted that they couldn't listen to the funny jokes ever from the lecturer.. This lecturer is just awesome for me.. One word to describes, AWESOME!!

Others just Okay for me "lah".. ( Malaysian language =]] )

So my living has changed!! For better and for worst, all at the same time. There's only so many days left where i feel Right! Today i finally have to go back to college.. More studies mood please!!! Because it's a long semester for me until December!! So whatcha doing? I need to increase my studies mood so I can focus what the lecturer is teaching in front so I can understand what am I studying.. I don't need to rush for doing revision for last minute like last time. I hate last minute feeling!!! SERIOUSLYY!!! I HATE IT MAN! Haha. I guess I just need to stop my shopping mood now and more to studies.. Stop myself to go out often so I can have a good good rest at home to focus my studies in college.. I felt my life is changing!! Seriously, I don't know what happening on me!! Changed to a wild girl.. WTF #CROSSED FINGER* Should I thankful to myself? At last I had changed from scary cat girl to wild girl? Lol!! NO, NO, NO!! I could not be a wild girl!! If not, i might not know who am I anymore.

I want more peoples to loves me than hating me like when I were studying in secondary school.. I do not know why, so many peoples hates me in secondary school.. The first day I stepped in to SMK SUNGAI ARA, many peoples give me a weird eyes and staring on me! I were like, "AM I WEARING THE WRONG CLOTHES TO SCHOOL?" and "I SHOULD NOT TIED MY HAIR IN THIS WAY"???!! I do not know what is happening until they scold me with those bad words and write me on the wall.. They said, "WALK LIKE A MODEL? DO YOU THINK YOU ARE A MODEL?' Seriously, I do not know I walk like a model.. God blessed that I have a friends there who always helped me out and chill me!!!!..

I couldn't stand for the bitches who say bad about me because my parents who born me out not by letting these kind of people to scold me and say bad about me. AM I RIGHT?

So, I asked my parents permission to changed to the other school which is SMK HAMID KHAN.. The peoples in this school is much better than SMK SUNGAI ARA!! They helped peoples a lot and having fun with them except those devil.. A little bit peoples hates me because they don't know me.. I will forgive them :D "People who know me well, will understand who am I.. What I need"

I am thankful to have lots of good good friends now.. No more haters, please. Most of my friends told me, "They hate you because they envy your beauty so ignore those bitches!" I can smile after hearing these words.. Thanks to all my friends who chill me out and let me walk and see the world for 18 years old now..

In college, I have a lot of good friends there.. I do not know why.. They are more mature than my secondary school.. I love them :D

Well, Do the best of you so they will be proud of you someday.. Not need to beg them to be proud of you. They will see the best of you someday.. Ignore them whenever they hates you :D Maybe some days you like this person, you be kind. On other days, you have to decide again. Haha. "Do i wanna be kind to her today?"

What makes us think our thoughts on that person is gonna affect anything, anyone, anyway. People might not even give a damn about us. It's confirmed that most of the time it's just us and our mind ourselves up. Lol. But we just can't stop doing it!!!!!

And I am not surprised if i am being judged like that every other day too. And i accept that. So i urge people to accept it too. That not everyone is going to be like you. And even if they do like you today, it doesn't mean they will still like you tomorrow. Am I right? Peoplee who understand you, will know whatcha doing.. Take your heart to love them so one day they will love you more!!

Stay positive mind!!

I hope one day, people will see my goods than my bad one.. Reading all my post here, you can feel the real me.. I am hoping to be a model one day.. I wish people can hired me to be a model by reading this post.. I am enough if they hired me as a part-time model.. I want to feel the feeling of being model.. I trust myself, I can be better one day by one day !!!

No matter what's happening, you just have to stay close to people you love, who loves you back. And people who appreciate the things you do for them and who will do back the same for you when you need them to.

And most, and very very very important, is to hang out with people who can be happy for you. If you can do that, it doesn't matter what's happening. Everything will turn out to be good.

By the way, I had create a new twitter account.. Please give more attention to follow me up!!

I feel like I tweet more than people who follows me.. Hoping September and the coming month, I received more followers than the amount of my tweet. I NEED MORE ATTENTION FROM YOU, PEEPS :D

Hopefully I can show more of myself soon :D Stay tuned for my next post.. See ya.. HAPPY SEPTEMBER TO EVERYONE HERE.. and I do not know what am I crapping in this post.. HAHAHA! Stay safe and sound by Taylor Swift.. (my current background song)

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