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Dinner with family
I’m back from my busy life and I'm free to blog more in my next post now!! Stay tuned alright?

Last Sunday, it's family day.. I guess, all of you here must be having dinner and lots of happiness with your family right? I'm sorry if one of you here are not.. =[ Maybe your parents were busying with their job or something so happy sunday to all of you here..

All of you here should have spend time with all your family members or else you will regret if they are not here with you anymore.. I am appreciate I had such a small family.. Not big yet not too small.

I having a dinner with my family but badly my dad and eldest were not attending with us because they are busying with their own jobs so no blaming any on them.. (no hard feeling yea) ! Thinking to had our desert at Secret Recipe after our dinner so my mum told us to dine in Secret Recipe so the most faster way! We don't need to run over to Secret Recipe after our desert because we were late for our dinner. We arrived there about 9pm sharp! So, no time for us to think where to eat and which restaurant to dine!

I’m a super big fans of Secret Recipe's cakes!!! I love their Cheese Cakes!! It is always awesome for me.  We always go to Secret Recipe for cakes!! IT IS AWESOME!!! Do you agree with me? But some people say it sucks and Haagen Dazs is much better.. Well, I do not know how it taste with Haagen Dazs's cakes because I don't really eat Haagen Dazs cakes!! IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ME!! I WANT TO SAVE MY MONEY!!! except the day on my birthday. My friends bought it for me :* I guess Secret Recipe and Haagen Dazs have their own delicious cakes lah.. No sucks nor much better because they are different :D

I always satisfying with all the foods here. So, that day my family and I dress up complete and off to Secret Recipe! Their food is pretty good.. If I could vote, I will be voting 80/100 for their cakes and 60/100 for their foods.. Secret Recipe is one of the main place for us to eat their cakes so their cakes will be much better than their foods.. =]

 Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese


 Mum and my sista

 Fish Fillet
I know you will be very suprised with this.. I am shock when the waiter served us this.. It looks like someone who vomit out.. LOL but it taste good =]

 Sister of the day =]

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I hope I will blog more for the next post.. Stay tuned, peeps..

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