Friday, September 14, 2012@2:58 PM
Hello my readers and fellow friends..

Kidda lag of blogging nowadays. Sometimes it kills me by waiting uploading the pictures with line slow like a snail. I wanted to post something everytime but once I think about my assignments, assignments, end up doing my assignment!!!

I AM SO LAZY to complete my assignment. Actually is a tiny little stuff but I take it as a big and heavy things for me to take it and walk across to the long junction.

Okay, times past for fast..

And here comes my friend's going to turn into 19 years old this year..

So, it's time for us to celebrate her birthday.. We celebrate a week early for her because she going to a trip with his sweet and cute hubby..


OH, come on.. She called her boyfriend as HUBBY..

Take it easy, guys... Cause many of my friends were shock when I said her hubby and her is coming later.. Then their respond was, "HUH? HUBBY? SHE'S MARRIED? IS SHE PREGNANT NOW?" LOL.. This gonna be a joke huh =.=

Alright, we went to Straits Quey to held her birhtday before she turns into 19.. Many of tradisional peoples said, 19 years old should not celebrate her or his brithday because it will take it as crime cases or something bad will happening.. Hmm, so no birthday cake and just eat as normal dinner today.

So, we planned to stepped in to Maricosa's restaurant... It is new and the place is awesome till I can't stop taking pictures there. I was feeling a little Hawaiian as I entered the Maricosa restaurant, the waiters were dressed in their Aloha shirts while the waitresses with long floral dresses or sarongs complete with a floral pin.

The outdoor area.. 
Am regretting not going inside because it's my first time went to this restaurant and sit down for a dinner with friends.

Huli Huli Chicken RM28.90

with a bun

Island Chicken Rm28.90. 
Deep fried boneless Chicken spread nandos-alike garlic-chilli sauce with fries, broccoli and coleslaw.

Sabien and Venus 
seafood tajine hot pot that filled with lots lots lots of seafood! tiger prawns, squid, sole fish, mussels, scallops, bacon and veggies all braised in spicy prawn bouillabaisse stock!

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Koo Seng Kun. 
The friend of mine who he know how to reads peoples's mind. Act like a damn fool person but he is smart !!

Shwu Yong from the left and Mango from the right.
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Joan the girl who mostly out with her.

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