Thursday, August 23, 2012@2:59 PM
Photoshoot by Elene
It is my first time to go for photoshoots. I guess, I can say it is twice but the very first time was with my friend who help me to take picture without knowing. Means, I never know he was taking photo of me.  I never knew he had took so much pictures of me until he shown me. This time, I know there's someone who help me to take pictures of me. It makes me feel so unconfortable. I do not know why. I was totally nervous because I afraid, I couldn't take nice pictures compared with others models. They have very awesome shooting. Seriously, they are. But still never mind because it is my first time taking photoshoots with my friend. We spend almost three hours at the placed we went. I forgotten what's the place called but it is around Han Chiang's Secondary+College @Penang. You can go there for photoshooting. The place is wonderful because I feel so fresh under the green plants =] So, the theme I had choose is, "Emotional world". Actually, I do not know what should it call and used to name the title of the pictures. I called it as "Emotional World" because I am so emo for the beginning. All those sadness pops up in my mind so you will see those emo emo face later.. Alright, here's the pictures of me in the scene. ♥ Everything looks perfect but one thing I am sad about it was me! I do not know what post I should do. LOL!! THAT'S CRAZY EVER !! Nevermind, I'll do better next time.

Date : 11th of August 2012
Day : Saturday
Photograghper : Elene |
Venue : Around Han Chiang's School inside.
Weather : HOT.

That's all.. Do give me some comments/suggestion about it so I can do for better next time =] 


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