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19 - 21/08/2012
Says Hello to Kuala Lumpur!! 

It's our couple trip.. We love each other and we made a trip for each other to spend our days there because no one know us so we can officially hold each other hands and kissing each other there..  Are you thinking, who's my boyfriend right now? It's not He but it's SHE!! Are you going to say that I had be a lesbian after getting hurt by a guy? Hahahaha* Come on, come on.. We are best friend.. I just wanna scare you out so you won't get bored by reading my post because this post gonna be a very very long post compared like before! I will mix up everything that I had spent in Kuala Lumpur so it won't confuse you by saying, "HUH? YOU GOING TWICE TO KL?" if I post twice or more than that. I wanna advoid things goes negative so read it patiently or maybe you can jump into pictures? But I want to tell you that, I take less pictures there so I going to write more than uploading pictures :D

Why we are here because we want to shoppinggggggggggggggg!! Don't you know the clothes in Kuala Lumpur is much cheaper than Penang? And also, Kuala Lumpur is much more than Penang. Seriously, I get bored with Penang sometimes.. Penang has too "much" shopping mall till I have nothing to buy there.. I'm serious.. You can see, I buy nothing when I go shopping in Penang!! It's going to least compare than last time except I buy those important things which I have/forced to get it! So, welcome me to Kuala Lumpur =]

Well, we are save a way to go KL. Nothing happens on us and we still looks great after ass pain to the max like taking hours sitting there for nothing to do..  *TOUCH WOOD!!* *crosses fingers* We booked a Hotel  Rae which is nearby at Jalan Bukit Bintang there. #WHISTLE, TAXI!! It cames and we ask for the price. NO METERS, NO MONEY FOR TAXI DRIVERS! Luckily, it provides meters. Do remember ask for meters before you sit if not you will be regret. The taxi brings us to Bukit Bintang.

It's because Bukit Bintang its near to all shopping mall in KL so we won't spend money on taxi yet walking around the road because KL roads are super duper jam!! and the drivers are very inpatient persons. They puts horns for other drivers whenever they break for people who want to cross the road and stupid reasons. Save it and we can take it as exercise since we do not take exercise for very long time. We even can spend our time seeing those handsome guys/ pretty girls walking on the street with their bags on their shoulder.. Weeeeeeeeee!! I gonna faith*

This is what we called, Malaysian! But I still proud to be Malaysians.. No bad feeling, guys =]

Day 1:

PUDU'S STATION! Here we are :D

So here are some pictures of us in KL. It’s quite interesting and fun! It was my very first time going a trip with my bestie. Can you imagine, just we two in KL! No one knows us and we do not know them.. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur a lots of times but I never go with my bestie / friend which are only two of us there. It is a chance for us to feels our friendship !!!

I will never ever forget the day of today !!


After we had reached to the hotel's room, we unpacked everything from our luggages and bags. Empty our luggage and make it looks like our house =] It's KL life now. Say Goodbye to Penang and Hello to KL. This is what most of you like to say, agree? 

Take a short rest and prepared our outfit for SHOPPING TIME!!

Off to go to Pavillion shopping mall now =]

One of my Outfit Of The Day.. I forgotten to take picture of my outfit but still can look through behind kua? Hahaha.. This is what I wear for the first day. Simple outfit, that's it.

Walking to the street and I saw lots of different peoples over here.. Most of KL's Lang used to bring branded bags and wear branded clothes. Unlike Penang lang. I see a least peoples used branded things except those peoples in Gurney Plaza but won't dress up too over like KL!! I'm serious!

Before step in to Pavilion mall, we went in to Zara's shop. The clothes are beautiful!!! But I just touched it and never think to buy because it's too expensive. I can't effort it! Hahaha* Joking..

A lots of peoples going to Pavilion now =]

Walk in to Pavilion and I saw lots of rich peoples there.. Can I know some people there so I can ask them to sponsor me :D

My girl =] 

Stopped in Food Republic. We are hungry since just now..


We are not at Ichiban Ramen!! I can feel the Japanese feeling now =]


WAY BACK TO SUNGEI WANG after walking around the malls.

I still don't have any mood to buy things today but May had bought a lots stuff for the first day in KL and I just bought two stuff.. Lol!!

Went to an desert place to have drinks because we are tired walking a long long street from 3pm++ until 7pm++ if i am not wrong. Seriously, we are tired!!! Why we won't feel tired when we shop in Penang? What's the different?

Rainbow drinks

Watermelon deserts.. (duno the name in da menu)

Wah ended up typing a lot of words and less photos after all! That was our past few days in the Bay area. Ok gotta sleep now and continue tomorrow post.


Day 2: 

A very good morning to everyone.. Waking up and started to prepared for shopping life again.. Bath and dressed up as usual.. Before leave da' room, snap pictures of us..


 We had our breakfast which is opposite our hotel. We wanted to eat dim sum but badly everything is sold out except this.. I would like to say that KL's Chee Cheong Fun is super duper special.. It adds some foods inside. I don't know what it's call in English.. I couldn't think but I know in Malay which it's called "Bebola" You know what's that? Hahaha* Currently, out of my mine here.

 Without knowing, May Yin snapped me while I'm busying with my phone emails and messages =]

After done eating, we went back to the hotel because May Yin forgot bring out her watch. She felts uncomfortable without her watch on her wrist. We snapped another photo before we leave the hotel.

 This is what girls always do =]

 Please don't walk so fasttttttttt!!!!!!!

 Running to get near you =]

 Okay, it's near now..

 Take a picture of mine since she had turned around.. shh! don't wanna let her know about it ^^

 We were at Bintang Walk now.. Walking to the LRT's station..

 Talking picture while we were lining up !

Walking for the LRT to arrive..

We were lost for the first time because we sat the wrong way.. We want to move to Times Square @ Imbi from Bukit Bintang but we never acrossed the bridge luckily it's not so far.. We wait for the next LRT from Raja Chulan to Imbi now.. It's a first time, I felt I'm lost!! It's scaryy. but still we are save that we can arrived to Times Square.. I bought lots of pants there compared with clothes..The pants are nice!! I feel so beautiful with different colours until we leg pain to the max and stopped to one shop for drinks.

Back to Sungei Wang and stopped by here..
It is so crowded and I guess lots of peoples love to go this restaurant.. Most of peoples that I saw eating rice than deserts or somethings..

But I look different than them.

 I ordered Tong Yuen Tao Foo Fah!! Feel like eating this because I had missed Penang. I missed how my mum always pack one Tao Foo Fah for me and sometimes even made us Tong Yuen to eat.. Original homemade!!

 And fried rice..

We are tired so back to the hotel and rest now..
 She is happy with her new caps! She likes caps very much.. Funnyyyyy girl !!

 I steal her caps and I wear it on my head.. Looks good to me too ^^

 This is the pants that I bought at Times Square..

 Gonna missed all the shopping here.. Especially, Pavillion!!!!!!!

Day 3:

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur!!

Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Malay friends & family and Happy holidays to peoples here, if I am not that late!! =]]

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