Thursday, August 9, 2012@11:07 PM
Finally, I can rest right now.. Examinations kills me so badly till I don't have enough sleep. It's over.. I can spend my sem break now.. WOOHOO!! HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ME ^^ Well, I have so many things to do today. Like going to facial about four hours. After that, going to salon for a hair treatment again because my hair are so so dry after I dyed my hair yesterday.. Doing this for celebrating my sister's birthday on her 22 years old because we did not celebrate her birthday almost three years!! She been staying at Kuala Lumpur for her nursing course till this year she returned home. This is the story about celebrating my sister's birthday. We actually wanted to celebrate on her birthday date (12/08) but she wants to celebrate her birthday with her boyfie so no choice and picked it today.. So, we having dinner with each other at Delicious, Straits Quey @Penang.


Before step in to Delicious, we stopped by to one of the shop! I am so unlucky cause my dress look like this, after reaching at Straits Quey car park!

But I couldn't find any of my size here =[[[[ Luckily, my sister did bought a jacket for herself and forced to match my outfit today. So,
Jeans from Voir, Dress from Voir and Shoes from Cotton On.
It is my first time wearing this dress and my last time if couldn't repair.. I had bought this dress for a year but I just wore it today. My mum used to said me, "WHY YOU LIKE WEARING OLD CLOTHES THAN THE NEW ONE" but it's true, I kidda in love wearing t-shirt with a shorts. It is much easier with simple and nice outfit. LOLLOL!

Talking and talking.. Ignored me =[

Btw, thanks to Samsung Galaxy SIII for the good camera =] It's designed for human =]] I used Samsung Galaxy SIII for all the pictures that I uploaded here.. Most of it, I take it with flash lights.. Samsung Galaxy SIII,  you are so freaking awesome for me =]]

Taken by Samsung Galaxy Ace

I never expect I will get Samsung Galaxy SIII because it looks so classical when the first time release it in Malaysia. Later or after, with those pictures, videos and everything, it attracts me.. Seriously, it attracted my eyes!! I am so in love with this phone till I put my iPhone 4 aside now.. Crazy huh? Samsung Galaxy SIII has a lot of function more than iPhone if iPhone do not jailbreak!! What attracted me? Honestly, it's the camera.. Camera attracts me so well cause i can save up my money to get another camera now.. I am so happy to get a phone like this.. It's big but I love it so much now..

That's all for today.. Happy birthday to my sister lah XD

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