Monday, July 23, 2012@11:10 PM
Manila Place

Hello, I'm back.. I mean I seldom blog recently and thanks for those who ask me to blog more and more and even ask me why not blogging for so long.. I am so sorry because I am quite busy with my college and I couldn't spent time to blog.. Thanks for those who still care about me and even want to hear more about me..

Once you see me here, means I'm free because college provide us study break before we sit for exam. I guess everyone know about this right?Today, I went out with my friends to Gurney Plaza for dinner.. I felt bad if I kept reject all my friends who invited me that time.. Gotta say YES whenever they ask this time.

Happy Monday..  I want to share my happiness about today.. I'm feeling so sleepy right now because I woke up early today.. Before I goes to sleep, I will blog everything about today =] I will feel bad if I do not blog today.. Hahaha*  Today, (as i say above) my friends and I went to Gurney Plaza decided to have our dinner at Manila Place. We are super duper hungry so do not want to think any place or even search for any place to eat. Straight to Manila Place and get myself Set C!

As you refer to the menu, Set C provided Grilled Chicken or Grilled Fish with Pepper / Mushroom / Garlic Butter/ Cheesy Cream Sause.
Included drinks as it shown above..

Pepper provided.

While waiting our meals, I took a few pictures of them..
Crystal, please don't mad at me if you see this.. HAHA!


Okay, this is my SET C!
Grilled Fish with mushroom.
It is really yummy!

Mushroom soup with bread+butter.
and as usual, I pick ice lemon tea for my drinks.

Picture taken by Samsung Galazy S2 but I edited it using instagram.
Btw, I will update more on my Instagram and Twitter.. You can see more pictures and status there.. My username is emikoloves! 

Outfit of the day:
Simple outfit =]


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