Wednesday, July 11, 2012@1:12 PM
It's Wednesday.. I feel like going to clubbing today since I never ever been there before. I want to relax and chill my mind down but I can't go today cause I have to prepared the presentation for tomorrow.. Such a wasted because it's ladies night today and all the girls are totally free!! Hmm, nevermind but I want to go shopping today even I need to prepare the presentation for tomorrow. Whatapp my friend to ask her accompanied me to Queensbay Mall for nail paint today..

While waiting my friend to fetch me, doing some "make up" on my face. I wear blue colour contact lenses today. I seems so different without wearing any lens and with lens on it.

I look different with a contact lens and without a contact lens, right?

I put both side and see !
My eyes look bigger now.. 

And I put brown colour on my eyebrows 

Then, I brush it to looks even.

Any different without putting on the left and with on the right? Plus, I put lip gloss on my lips.

Any comment with my "make up" today?

When my friend had reached, we went to Queensbay Mall and stopped by to nail paint centre. There are lots of different colours to choose.. A few minutes later, I put the shining strawberry pink..

This is the colour that I picked just now.

By the way, I advise you! Never ever choose Gel colour if you feel like changing after a week or after a month. They will charge you when they remove it. I do not know about others shop but this shop, they charge me a lot =.= Feel so regret to go to this shop! They charge me when removing my nail colour and they even charge me when they want to polish my nail and all.. RM10 for the colour! ONLY FOR COLOUR!! They counted me RM16 for polish and all + RM10 for the colour (for my fingers). My toes, they counted RM18 for removing my gel colours + polish and all + RM10 for the colour.. The total of the amount are RM54!! You will get shock because most of the shop charge RM10 for the normal colour and they include polish and everything. Only for RM10!! Never ever go to this shop for the next time.. It's after the Khing Art and Craft Shop @ Queensbay Mall!

Last but not least, dropped to McDonald for supper..



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