Thursday, March 3, 1994@1:38 PM
Hello.. I am so appreciate once you click in my "About Me" section because you want to know more about me, right? Well, my name is Mary Chee but lots of people call me as Mary Cheese. I used to hate them so much until I used to it when my friends keep calling me in that way.

By the way, I am probably the most shy and quiet person for your first impression because I do not talk much with people who I just know them. I don't know why. You may think I'm kind of quiet person. Till you know more about me, don't think you will get bored because I will crap and crap non-stop like a crazy bitch XD. Kidda weird huh? All my friends told me, "I never thought you are so open-minded girl and even can crap a lot in these way" and I replied them and said, "You should be proud to have this friend like me." Hahahaha* Don't you think it's true :p

In addition, my mood rely heavily on my outfit, and state of hair and bag I bring. I do not make up often except I go to wedding and dinner. The reason why I do not make up often is because I do not really know how to make up! Please don't laugh at me!! LOL! I know, I know you will say I'm stupid and looks like I'm not a girl but you should know that once you make up and your face will destroyed!

Other than that, my favorite colour is usually blue and brown but right now I have changed! I used to in love with pink, red, maroon and orange so much because I like colourful like a rainbow. It can makes my day even brighter. You can see every outfit I wore in every post compared to last time if you did read my very previous post on 2009 year. If you don't, I felt sorry to you because I had deleted all my post from 2009 until 2011. I do not want to keep those sadness thing in my blog. But I guess, I wrote something sad nowadays.. Hopefully won't delete my post anymore.. I will start my brand new post after August 2012. I will blog things about me more often than other people.. Just me, in the post.. I hope you will never get bored whenever you read it.. For those who I blog about, they really meant in my life except they do not know how to appreciate me.. Hahahaha

Last but not least, I wish I can travel to different kind of countries which I haven't been there before. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money now! Planning to save it and go in 2014.

Foods: Mummy's food, Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, McChicken, Mee Goreng, Chicken Chop, Spagetti.
Drinks: Fruit Juice, Ice Honey Lemon Tea.
Fruits: Grapes, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Apple, Sharon, Watermelon and Orange
Deserts: Jelly, Salad, Mush Potato, Ice-Cream, Rozak, Chendol, "Tang Yuan", Cakes and ..
Colours: Blue, Red, Grey, Brown, Peach, Maroon and Purple
Pets: Rabbit, My puppy, Hamsters and Gold Fish

LOVES: Listening to music, Snap Pictures, Reading Magazine, Collects classic and cute stuff, Searching new camera/ new phones/cakes/iPhone's case, sewling, design, movies, laugh, happy, playing piano, surfing internet, shopping, drawing, watching love story, messaging, exercise (cycling&badminton), searching new camera & pondering about my life.

List 10 favourite Store:
TopShop, Esprit, Guess, H&M, LV, Nike, Puma, Padini, Mango, Zara
List 10 things that I hates:
Chocolate, Cockroaches, Snobbers, Backstabbler, Snakes, Dogs, People who mess my hair, Hurt my heart deeply, Judge people, People talk behind me.
List 10 think I love to wear when I go out:
Jeans, Skirt, Dress, Shorts, Shirt, T-Shirt, Heels, Scandles, Sport Shoes, Watch.
Ten wish lists:
DSLR/Digital Camera, Go to trip, New lappie, More LV collection, iPhone, More money, Boyfriend, Marc Jacob/Balenciaga Wallet, New watch and More Followers & More Readers.

Come on!! Don't leave because you had read half of this section.. Take your time alright? :D

1. Since when did you start blogging?
Since 2009

2. Why you had changed lots of different url?
It is because I couldn't find name that I love and stay forever..

3. You seems like love buying things from Online compared to shopping mall here.
It is true.. I rather buy things from online than brand that has no name.. Some more it sells with high price.. You can check it out here and here I do my own business with my friend.

4. How come you locked your chatbox? I want to chat more with you because I still can't get enough reading your blog!!
Thanks to have the reader like you. I am happy that you want to chat with me more. You can either follow me on FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram. I update more there and I will reply you ASAP!!.. The reason why I locked my chatbox is because there are too much ads and makes me click one by one to replied.. It just wasted my time sometimes..

5. What do you blog about?
I have no idea.. I mostly blog about beauty/fashion and things I had done..

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