Friday, June 29, 2012@5:06 PM
Thinking of what birthday present for your someone special and a gift for your someone special before he/she leave here? I had been thinking what should I give to him for quite some months.. Luckily helped me. I search it and I read those article which gift is better for your someone special.. It is really useful and should pick a right gift. Of course, you need to pick those gift that he/she might like it. 

 I made a birds, stars and hearts to show my appreciate and my love for him..

I wrap and follow the instructions through the book that I had bought for years ago.. I never used it till today..

While I am doing these, I was thinking, "WHY I AM DOING THESE FOR HIM? AM I STUPID SINCE HE DO NOT APPRECIATE ME?" but my heart tells me, "No, I am not stupid enough cause I want to show how important he is for me".. He is the first guy I made him these.. I do not know why I will do it for him. I never made anything for my ex-boyfriend before except a guy.. I wrote essays for him.. I wrote three essays for him =.= LOL!!


I fill up into three dusty glasses cause I kept these glasses for a very long time.

A birthday card and a blue ribbon which I bought it from S&J

I used two pens with one Uhu to complete everything.

Made a doll for him.. Ain't looks similar with his real face?
Take a look or you can refer it here >>>

Then I bought a glass to keep the doll stay safe or else the doll spread it into two.. Hahaha* I guess it won't cause the material its quite good for me..

For a second, I was thinking how am I gonna put the birds, hearts and stars into the glass since the glass couldn't fit everything in so I put only 18stars in the glass and another one star stick it on the card there because he is 19years old this year.. BLEEE* I didn't give the birds and hearts for him cause it's too complicated so I keep it for myself then..

When I met him, I passed him the present straightly.. He has no comment with the present.. He said, "I AM SPEECHLESS!" Lol! I hope he will like it and appreciate the present that I had spent lots of time to complete it.. It ain't easy to do everything.. Truly spent all my times with this present. Just a present and the only present for him.. I am speechless if he do not like it..

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY! You can try to made it for your someone special too =]

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