Wednesday, June 27, 2012@11:16 PM
I am so freaking happy about my Moral result if you did read my previous post yesterday. Badly, I couldn't hang out on the spot yesterday and good news is I can hang out today with my sister to Gurney Plaza. It's kidda awesome day ever.. 

I bring my money with RM50, RM50, RM50, RM50, RM50 and RM50 to get more clothes there. Once I parked my car, I queue up to buy two tickets for a movie and then straight to Padini Store. Actually, I do not  want to buy clothes at Padini anymore. I do not know why. I guess I hate those promoters in Padini, Gurney Plaza. WHY I HATE THEM? Because they laugh so fake once they saw me there and even they gossip about me. I thought I am the one who are sensitive but I really don't. I have seems this situation for quite a long time. Maybe because of my ex-boyfriend who works at there and we broke up and laugh with no reason? Ermm, I don't feel like thinking about it cause it's non of my business. You hate me, your problem but not mine.. 

Back to the topic. So dropped to Padini Concept Store and bought a few clothes there because it looks nice, simple yet cheap!! LOTS OF DISCOUNTS HAVING THERE!! So my sister and I had bought :

A dress costs RM69 and Singlet costs RM39.


Two shirts brown and pink. There are only RM49 for both!

Did I said I bought two tickets just now? Yes, I did.. I bought tickets for Vampire Hunter.. It is one of the latest movie and I heard lots of my friends said this movie is awesome lah, interesting lah, very "geli" lah, romantic in the wedding part lah.. After hearing my friend's comments so I decided to watch and see how awesome, interesting, epic and romantic it is..

So watch Vampire Hunter and I can say that this movie really awesome and interesting.. The moment the vampire bite the human neck are so epic!! As my friend said, it's "geli".. It's truth.. and I like the moment at wedding part when husband and wife said "I DO" words. It makes me think when I gonna have this feeling? When I going to marry with a good and lovely husband?? Aww, I can't wait the day lar.. Really too sweet that part but Abraham Lincoln lied his wife. He do not tell his wife that he killed those vampires till dead. 

Just don't like when a guy lie to his woman.. I know, sometimes guy want to protects us.. They do not want us to be afraid but woman ain't think that way. Woman wants guy to tell the truth and never says lies. Seriously, women hate when guys tell lies to them.. They will mad like a crazy women and guys will never know what it happen next! This is what woman is :p

Remember to watch the tutorial yea =]

Red top from Nichii, Bottom Jeans from Brands Outlet, Watch, Bags and iPhone case from APPLE2U 
(but sudah rosak and dirty d cause my red pen ink kena my iPhone case while I was writing notes in class.. Pretty sad that time =[)

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