Tuesday, June 26, 2012@11:02 PM
Presentation + Result
Presentation day again. Before we present, we need to prepare notes in power point. Of course, we are not as smart as the teachers so we need GOOGLE.COM to help us out.. We search it and we grab the notes that are imporant then paste it in the powerpoint. It's easy for us to find it because this title are so popular in the site.

The title for the presentation is :
 I know, I know its easy but when we do it, it's hard for us.. We did everything from the title shown but we forget to describe when Japanese return to their country and when Japanese this and that.

As our lecturer advise us to do four character for every presentation so peoples who are listening, do not feel bored and yawn while we are present in front. First, we should put a few pictures because some of the people might not interesting to read everything. Second, we should put videos to attract the readers and peoples who are hearing. Third, we should ask questions from them.. Last but not least, we should tell story but not read everything from the note. "IS THAT CLEAR EVERYONE", SAID THE LECTURER. 

Before the presentation, our lecturer Mrs. Zakiah advised us to wear formal clothes like an office ladies and man to get more marks for every presentation so we dressed up like this for the second presentation today.

 Top from (forget the name of my clothes brand but I bought it from Parkson, Gurney Plaza.) Bottom from Nichii
Heels from Summit, Kuala Lumpur

Look so serious? But they are playing games.. LOL!! 
(i took it from the first day of presentation!)

Lastly, THANK GOD who always there for me because I had PASS MY EXAM!!

I am so freaking happy and wanna go out to celebrate but no one was free today and I even need to drop my sister to airpot today so just forget it =]


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