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Pre loved iPhone cases for sell
Hello iPhone users!! Please help my babe to spread these news out or maybe you are interested one of the phone casing from her? She will be going to UK for her degree and she could not bring all of her cases there because she had bought too much cases.. She loved all of these cases but she has no choice to bring them to UK so she has to  selling all of these pre-loved cases before she board the plane to UK.


  • All of these cases comes with the box/ how they look when they came in (Yes, I did not throw away the boxes & I stored all of them pretty nicely because I loved them!) 
  • Most cases are only used a couple of times. (My everyday case is the Hello Kitty 3D case)
  • Any defect(s) will be stated 
  • Once the case(s) are sold, they are not returnable/ refundable. 
  • Interested case(s) will be reserved for maximum 2 days for payment, reservation can be extended by prior notice, but will be FORFEITED if there is NO prior notice. 
  • Payment via MAYBANK & CIMB ONLY
  • Every case fits iPhone 4/4s perfectly. (I am using an iPhone 4s) 
  • Cases will be send out via Pos Laju & postage fee is RM7 for West Malaysia, RM 9 for East Malaysia.

It is much cheaper compared with the new one cause she only used for couple of times. You can show your phone casing while taking picture of yourself and maybe with your friends.. Look, the picture below!
I take myself along with my phone casing.. Isn't look nice and pinky? COME ON, IPHONE USER! GRAB ONE OF THE CASING WHICH SHE IS SELLING NOW!!

Sky Blue Hello Kitty Bumper.
Brand new
Offered price : RM 18 (postage NOT included) 
Material : Hard polycarbonate 
Color : Sky/ baby blue with hot pink ribbon 
*NO glare when taking pictures with flash.

Black Silicone Hello Kitty Case 
** Arissa Cheo have this case! :) (LINK) 
Offered price : RM23 (postage NOT including) 
Material : Soft rubber silicone 
Color : Black with hot pink ribbon 
*provide a lot of protection and very sleek

White Hello Kitty Silicone Case 
 ** Famous blogger Xiaxue have this case! (LINK
Offered price : RM 16 (Postage NOT included) 
Material : Soft rubber silicone 
Color : White with blood red ribbon 
*Provides a lot of protection.

*If you are interested or have anymore questions regarding the cases, leave her a comment! or email her at

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