Sunday, June 17, 2012@11:16 PM
Music Class Concert Aesthetic Music & Art
I can't wait to see my friend's performance till I couldn't sleep soundly last night. I keep thinking how great would my friend plays on the stage.. I know I had think too much but I'm so excited about the performance cause I never listen him play..LIAR* Arghhh. Got la.. Twice+Once.. The first time in his house and another time in the public. How shy am I that moment while he is playing me a song.. Great moment ever and the third time through the phone..

My favourite clothes but I never wear for once in my life after buying it cause I bought this clothes just for him to see. I wanted to wear when he invited me to his friend's wedding party but he told me "mana ada orang wear pants to the wedding party de"! LOL! Sounds weird too if I wear pants to the wedding party.. End up wearing formal dress there and he said "you are so girly!"

Outfit of the day :
Top from Beads Zone, Sling bag from Mango and Shoes from Step.

…behind the scene. I had attended to Music Class Concert Aesthetic Music & Art for my friend's performance today. The performances is in the Pearl View Hotel, Seberang Jaya.

Children performs the first part..

It's my friend's performance now.He is Jackson Chai along with his partner female friend. Aren't they play very well there?

Video taken by me and I'm sorry if the quality of the video was not perfect cause I'm tired holding my camera for 4minutes and another 4minutes and so on.. I recorded lots of video that time but I'm too lazy to uploaded in Youtube.. Enjoy my friend's performance ba =] Many more video in He spent too much times in musical..

I'm kidda sad cause I had missed out the other part. He told me there are more pro musician after them.. I miss out cause I followed my friend when she want to return home or place that she want to go with her boyfie =.= End up fly to Queensbay Mall with my male friend, Sheong Aun till the time had passed! 

That's all for today =] Bye bye!

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