Monday, June 4, 2012@8:39 PM
OH NO!!! Today is my last day of holiday. I know all the students in Malaysia are having two weeks of holiday.. I'm different! WHY?! I have been grow up and I started to attended college since April intake and I had been holiday for last two weeks and so there's no big different when is my holiday and when the holiday ended! So again, it's my last day for today.. Time pass so fast and again, I need to go back to college and fight for the coming studies. And again and again, I'm going for only two days classes for a week. I do not know why and do not understand why they make it two days classes! I really can't handle for only two days classes. In addition, the coming subject which I don't really like it.

Let's see my time schedule which I get it from CIB Segi College group. I think they don't even bother to email us lol! =.= Seriously, WHAT THE F***? Cause I don't receive any mail from them ><

I'm gonna be a very busy girl starting tomorrow cause I got to go to work to help my parent's business and also I need to attend classes for Eight hours! No more sleeping, no more shopping again =[[[

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY! Gotta watch my drama and sleep earlier tomorrow! BYE BYE HOLIDAYSSSSSssss....!

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