Friday, June 1, 2012@9:53 PM
Back with my straightening hair!
It's 1st of June today and I am going to Molly Salon @ Onestop,Penang! One the way to Molly Salon, there are traffic jam!! OMG!! It is not moving at all!! ONE HOUR IN NEARBY GREENLANE!! GOSH!! I do not know what's happening in front! There's no any accident, no trees falling down and just nothing but why it is so traffic jam at 11am?

After one hour and half, I had reached to Mory Salon and I still need to wait for my turn! =[ I thought I am the first customer because I had book for the earliest time at 1130am =[[

At 12pm, started to do hair treatment and 15minutes later, my hair stylist help me to put cream for straightening hair on my hair =]

Doing hair treatment again =]

After three hours pain in the ass, I'M DONE WITH MY STRAIGHTENING HAIR!

The reason why I'm doing straightening again, is because :
1) My friends told me I look prettier when I have a straight hair. My coursemate told the same thing too and she even said I look a lil old with curly hair. (i do agree cause curly hair looks a bit mature.)
2) It is hard to take care with curly hair. I advise you never ever curl your hair! You will be regret! Want to have curly hair? Buy digital and curl it at home when you want it or asked your hairstylist for a help with it.
3) I am bored with my curly hair. (LOL! SPEECHLESS HUH?)
4) All bad lucks comes to me after I curl my hair. I DO NOT KNOW WHY =.=
5) I trust my friends so I did it for them and myself =]

Is my reason acceptable for you? Lol, come on! Please say yes and agree me =] Haha, alright! That's all for today guys! Byeeeeee..!

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