Saturday, May 26, 2012@12:49 AM
Wedding Dinner
On Saturday, Chiang and Chee's families had attend to a wedding party at Eastin Hotel @Queensbay Mall except my mummy and my two other sisters. They were busy with their stuff and couldn't make it. They missed the wedding party and also missed to meet all the relatives there. I love how they decorate the whole wedding party and it's pretty awesome. I can't believe how am I gonna handle if I'm the one who marry. LOL! I've think too far cause I still have no boyfriend yet.. HAHAHA* The event makes me high and I can't wait to dance that time =]

Lets us enjoy the pictures than reading what I crap here XD

That's all for today.. The foods are 100% awesome =]]] Thanks for reading and GOOD NIGHT,READERS =]

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