Thursday, May 24, 2012@1:13 PM
On Thursday (24/05/2012), mummy, sister and I went to eat DIM SUM in the early in the morning at 10am. I guess I kidda late for you all here.. I look a like pig who loves to sleep lately.. I couldn't wake up that early except I got schooling or working life.. I force myself to wake up that time =.=" So, we stopped by to DIM SUM shop and park our car in front the shop! We nearly took for half an hour to find the parking =.= cause the parking are less and no big big car park for us =.=

After Dim Sum, mummy, sister and I went to facial XD

We took 3hours ++ sleeping on the bed.. It's kidda relaxing except when the ppl massage my shoulder.. I started to laugh non-stop! WHAT A WASTE HUH?


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