Thursday, May 10, 2012@6:40 PM

GOSH!! I had disappear for almost one week here.. I'm sorry for the lack of update and I started to feel so stress day by day. I don't have time to blog, I don't have enough time to complete my assignments, I don't have even time to accompany my family and friends whenever they asked me to go out or for supper. I'm lack of sleep too. Nowadays, I am busying with my assignment and luckily I can complete it on Tuesday but I slept at 4am =[ and we need to reach to the college earlier for the next day because we are going to take English Oral Test and I am so tiring that moment. Sit for an Oral English test for an hour and thank goodness, I passed my English Test. I get 60 corrects over 70 questions. I am so happy and hyper that moment when they announce loudly and said, "MARY CHEE, YOU GET 60 CORRECTS AND YOU ARE PASS!"!! I was like, are you kidding me? Is it my name and the lecturer said, yes, it is you.. I shout loudly and jump like a fool! Hahaha* It's still haven't end yet because we need to attend the class at 2pm sharp so we have an hour to rest or taking our lunch or something. I am busying with my laptop because I want to check for a another time before I show it to my lecturer and thank goodness again, my lecturer told me our assignment is good enough although she knows we copy and paste through the graph.. I swear, I did but I changed a few with my own words and I am not 100% copy the whole things in one website. I mix and mix with others website and my own words. The assignment 88% completed everything by me.. My course mates do not even lend their hands for me.. Hmm.. but the lecturer know it even though I do not told everyone about this. Haha* God always stay beside us and helps us to send our message to someone.. After I had attend to the college on May, I'm such a busy person. What I do is, assignments, college and go home. No more shopping, no more friends outings and no more supper!! Hmm, I will have a sem break after my examination on next Monday so I need to revision from now on.. Don't think I can blog.. I will try to fill up my time here.. Goodbye =]

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