Monday, May 14, 2012@7:50 PM
Outings after exam on Monday
Okay! Today is Monday and we were sitting for an exam from 0930am untill 1130am. We have only two hours to answer the questions.. For me, I want more than two hours because it is not enough for me to fill up all the black in the exam sheet. I am such a fool because I need to use a few minutes to think for the points, answer and bla bla bla.. Imma such an old lady who always forget this and that. Well, we were there at eight something. We do not know where's the exam class until 0935 we search and search.. It is in level three and we were late!!! We were so rush to put our bags down on the dirty floor, fill up our names, our identity card no. and bla bla bla.. What the "fish" is it??!! Such a stupid service we having from this college.. Gosh!!

After the exam, we decided to have a movie at 1st Avenue since everyone was free today. Five single ladies and another one guy who suddenly joined us up! Hmmmm* We had our movie from 1230 until 2something. We watched Ghost Buddies. We took a few pictures before heading to the cinema room.

After the movie, we across to Prangin Mall through the mini bridge that had built up..

Bolognese Chicken Pasta, mine.

The others were my other three friends.. WHY ONLY THREE?! It is because one of my friend Ray had went back early. Btw, I do not know what's the name of every food they order. Do forgive me..

We ordered set for every food we ordered so we get,

one drinks, one soup and one desert. It is only RM19.90! It is cheap enough? Badly, my Bolognese Chicken Pasta taste no no for me.. =[

My outfit of the day :

Simple outfit to College and 1st Avenue which I unexpected to go with my friends.. 

This movie is kidda funny and I keep laugh non-stop like a fool.. Done with typing and uploading pictures.. Thats all for today!Bye!

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