Sunday, May 20, 2012@7:17 PM
A day with May Yin at Butterworth
It was Sunday! A day which everyone is free and nothing to do.. Well, I'm the one among all who has nothing to do so do May Yin too.. We decided to have a road trip to Butterworth since we were free on Sunday. We had our lunch in Tanjong Bungah before heading to Butterworth. There are the most famous chicken rice in that area. Penang peoples should know about it!!! We had our lunch and chit chat about life and how or what we do because we were busying with our stuff daily since we had leave our secondary school. She is busying with her job and I was busying with my college studies and assignments!!

We drove across to Penang Bridge to reached to Butterworth. Thanks to May Yin to captured pictured while I'm driving that time =]

We are going to Butterworth =]]

Looks like I'm closing my eyes while I'm driving in this picture. LOL!!

Goodbye Penang =]

Me and my bestie, May Yin =]

I'm not sure how long we used to reached there.. Never even notice about time.. Hmm, we dropped by to Sunway Carnival Mall. It's one of the shopping mall which I like to go!! I do not know why. Maybe it's because the place look clean, nice design, high class? and so on ^^ I never even ask myself why I would like that shopping mall..

I found out there's a game while we were looking for some clothes shop.. It's about collecting money inside the ... (don't know what it call about it with an air blowing up the money..)

It's kidda interesting and I would like to join if I have chance cause I want money!! I AM MONEY FACE, MARY =]] Hahaha*

Do recorded a video about this game.. I have nothing to do while seeing it :p

After this, we watched "WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING"! The Sunway Carnival Mall's GSC is a little bit strict compared than Penang GSC. They checked our handbags even boys too!! LOL!!

I just love this movie. This movie tells about love and pregnant mummy. It's says something miracle. Things you expect and it will come true. They are five pairs of couples in this movies and it's a little complicated with it.


After movie, we went home cause it's 7something and we afraid there will be traffic jam in this time.. Quickly rushing back home =]



Top from Nichii and bottom from MESSY.CO

That's all for today.. See ya ^^ Always appreciate May Yin. Thank you to you because you trust me as your friends and willing to told me all your secrets. I'm kidda shocked what you've told me but I won't feel negative cause I had been this way before. Don't ever look back to your past tense. Bring it on and enjoy your present tense =]

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