Thursday, May 3, 2012@11:59 PM
College day
Hello.. I'm here today.. I am sorry that I could not update my blog everyday because I started to busy with my college life. Assignments everywhere and I need to prepare for the coming examination on 16th of May. It is super duper rush for me because we learn nothing in the class yet doing assignments here and there. How can we sit for the coming examination? We do not know what's the topic and how's the questions look like. It is unfair for us!! Lol!! Short sem for 10times for two classes in one week? Are you kidding me? I'm sorry to say that, my lecturer was sucks for me =.='' She do not even help us although she always said she is trying to help us. I had heard for many times but what I get is nothing.. Zzzz.. THIS IS CRAZY =.= Can you imagine you are gonna to sit for the exam but you do not know or even learn anything from the class. Plus, you are busying doing assignment right now! She told us to do yesterday.. KIDDING ME, RIGHT? Just hate this feeling and I totally pissed off when my friend asked me about it. I just boom and boom and boom everything that I want to speak out for a very long time..

So this is the way how I dress up myself today.. Simple and a little bit formal to me.. I do not know what you think about me..

Top from Brands Outlet, Bottom Jeans from P&Co and Shoes from Nose.
(This is what I always list down so people who are reading will not ask me about my outfit cause sometimes I am too lazy to reply a message or even a text from my friends, family and so on.. )

MORAL STUDIES? So as what I said, I am learning about my moral studies for the first semester and this is our lecturer Ms. Kamala. She was giving us an example for the objective questions for the coming exam and everyone was pay much attention and started to copy down into a piece of notebook/notepad. Copied from question one to eight then question seven and eight had rubbed it because Ms. Kamala wants to discuss about other topic which ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE COMING EXAMINATION! =.=

The whether was freaking cold today. I forgotten to bring my jacket before I went out from home. I am so freaking regret because it's raining about eight until twelve something today. It makes everyone feel cold even though had stopped at twelve o'clock. My bottle of water turns cold so I can't drink it tt makes me even colder and I started to sneeze non-stop!! It turns my lips dry and hurtful whenever I eat =.= IT IS SO PAINFUL RIGHT NOW!!!

I HATE DRY LIPS AND ULCER INSIDE MY MOUTH!! When are you gonna recover, ugly lips? D:

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