Tuesday, May 29, 2012@9:43 AM
Coffee Garden Delights
Okay, I didn't blog for several days. For those who got follows me on Instagram and Twitter must be know what am I doing recently right? Well, my friends and I went to Coffee Garden Delights after the orientation from college. Must be weird for you right? Because I had started class last month but my college just organized orientation for us. We didn't listen them crap.. We stayed there until an hour and skipped out to Steamboat, Coffee Garden Delights.

The shop's menu !

The steamboat is kidda cheap! IT IS ONLY RM29.90 FOR A PERSON but we shared for four persons for only one set. They do free us a glass of drinks. Only for one person cause we ordered SET A for only ONE PERSON TO EAT! The lady of Coffee Garden Delights's boss stared at us when we just ordered one set! Any problem if we order for one set? We have our right to order whatever we want but they have no right to force us if we do not want! 




The place is nice and clean but the service is totally BAD for me!! GRRR...!

So guys, take a look and have a snack plate for yourself! OF COURSE COME ALONG WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS! Scold me if the service and everything are totally good =]

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