Wednesday, April 4, 2012@2:50 PM

Another day I spent it with my sister at Queensbay Mall.. We dropped to Queensbay Mall again is because my sister wanted to changed the day and date for our Aeroline's ticket to Kuala Lumpur.. Actually we wanted to go on 12th of April but then she need to work on 13th of April so we changed our date to 11th of April..

Outfit of the day :

Dark blue blouse bought it in Prangin Mall, bottom shorts from Brands Outlet and Blue Contact Lens from MESSY.CO (LENSES).
Come and grab one lens from me right now!!

After that, We went to shopping around the mall cause they are having lots of promotion in every shops.. I had bought three pairs of clothes and three pairs of shorts from Brands Outlet.

Good to see my sister help me to be one of the "model" for my clothes.. Haha

Pink, Orange, Green

As you can see the tag price, it said 3 for RM50. Isn't it worth to buy it?

By the way, I currently addicted with Kristen Stewart style.. She always wore simple yet nice clothes whenever she goes out.. 

Kristen Stewart inspired me a lot. Casual can be that cool, that pretty, that outstanding. She wears long jeans a lot. I love wearing jeans too but skinny jeans make me look extremely thin. So, I normally wear short jeans, if you notice it.

Next, we dropped by to Beads Zone. A place for us to buy bracelet, necklace and a few clothing cause it looks a lil bit classic stuff which they are selling in the shop.

I get three bracelet because they are having promotion. Buy two and get one free.. So, I decided to buy two bracelet for my mummy and another bracelet for myself..

From the left : RM19.90 and RM12.90 for mummy and RM32.90 for myself. I forced to buy this expensive cause the promoter told me to buy something that are higher amount than it so I can get one free.. LOL!!

Last but not least, we went to Step shop..

I get a pair of blacky shoes inspired by Kristen Stewart again. Although I do not have the white shoes tied in the middle.. It's cheap which costs RM44.90 with 10% discount and another brownie shoes costs RM39.90. It's new arrival so I don't get any discount =[

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