Thursday, April 26, 2012@10:29 PM
Today is the second day in Segi College. Everyone was trying their best to present in front of the classmates. There are six students in one group and they divided so we can talk in eventually. Some was five students in one group. These presentation still going good although they are less and more than one people in the group.

Group of mine were present about Sikhism. An Indian girl from our group (i had forgotten what's her name) was the first person who was going to present and she needs to introduce everyone of us in our group. After a few minutes, it was my turn. I am so nervous while I'm present in front of everyone who was looking at me and pay attention at me too. Gosh!! I do not speak well with my English sometimes. I am too nervous and scare for the first presentation. My heart beat so fast that moment but thank goodness, I'm done for the presentation after a few minutes later. Next, it's Sean's turned. Followed by Li Way, Steven and Elene.

They were much braver than me and they did much better than me although they said I'm better than them. Hmm, I do not feel that =[ I'm such as failure but I will try my best for the coming presentation because this is one of the oractice which we need to learn before the real one.

Lastly, our teacher gave us a practice for an essay which we need to writes for the examination on the coming month. It's 9th of May if I'm not wrong. I still do not sure about it.. Hmm, it's alike like SPM for the moral test. I guess I can fo better in this exam, so do my friends.

Alright, good luck to myself and myfriends for the next week of college day. Goodbye

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