Monday, April 9, 2012@11:48 PM


It seems that I had never play piano for a very long time after my mum sold out my piano. I hate my mum when she sold it without my permission and agreement. Piano is one of my hobby in my life but I think I couldn't play it any more. I download one of piano apps in my iPhone and sometimes I do view a website to play piano. It's very comfortable when I hear the piano tone.. I love the way you are, piano.. Badly, I have no chance to play it anymore =[[ I am super duper sad and envy when my friends play instruments in front of me cause I couldn't play any instrument by myself.. I heard one of my friend play me a music through phone.. It's relaxing. I hope one of my boyfriend could plays me songs in front of everybody so that they will envy me to had a good boyfriend which I am having and also only me can hear him play.. NOBODY ELSE, BUT JUST ME!! (i think no one will do it)


I keep asked myself. When am I going to earn money to get a new piano for myself =[[

Good Night =[[ I do not want to be emo anymore.. 

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