Saturday, April 21, 2012@1:59 AM
It's a day for our sisters day.. I am so tired shopping around the mall at Gurney Plaza again.

I know shopping is one of the relaxing part for everyone.. I am relaxing while I'm shopping but I feel definitely tired and my mood went down because my "friend" came this week and makes my mood turns weird and bad.

I'm trying to be happy with my sisters.. We went to Kitschen and bought a few clothes which I've uploaded below. #THANKS TO MY SISTER WHO WANT TO BE MY MODEL AGAIN=] We do share clothes with each other so this ain't my clothes.. It's belongs to us ^^ We always share clothes with each other after bought it from somewhere.

These are the clothes I had bought it from Kitschen.. I love all these clothes.. I can't wait to wear it for my college on Wednesday =]]

After shopping, we went to Chatime..

I bought Lychee for myself.
Top from Esprit, Bottom from Mango and Shoes from Shoez Obsession.

We captured while we were waiting for our drinks!

Top from Mango, Bottom from Nichii, Shoes from Step and Sling Bag from Mango.

Dress from Esprit.

Btw, I bought this from Popular because all my previous pens, pencil, ruler and etc had gaven for my younger sister.. I need this for my college so get it straight away =]

Last but not least, had our supper at Pulau Tikus.

That's all for today..
Good night, peoples.. ^^

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