Wednesday, April 25, 2012@10:55 PM
First Day

The first day of college was good. They are very friendly yet helpful person. Before I went in, I afraid they will treat me bad and something that are negative but I'm wrong. Hmm, good to know them for the first day of college. I love the first day of school/college. Don't you? The lecturer was friendly too. She makes everyone laugh and relax while studying in the classroom. It is fun although I had missed two days of classes last week.. Gosh, I'm going to present tomorrow. I never prepared yet I do not know what to present but good to have a good group who tried to help me and told me what's the topic for tomorrow. I never get any information from them through Facebook cause I unavailable to connect to Internet. My streamyx modem dead on Tuesday so I gonna get a new modem soon. Today is just the beginning of my college life. I woke up so early to prepared because I can't wait for the day. Hahaha It was like those days when I was in secondary school, but this time is different I've to drive to college every Wednesday and Thursday! I hope there's no traffic jam while I'm on the way to college cause the college is far from my house. I gotta use half an hour to reached there so pray hard to god that I never get any traffic jam on every Thurday because the class started at 9am sharp!!

Alright, I gotta go to bed now. Morning class tomorrow, Good night people!

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