Thursday, April 5, 2012@11:30 PM
Face to Face
So many topics to blog today but I will choose one of the topic so I won't makes my post looks messy and April makes my days wonderful!! It's wonderful and enjoyable with my friends who always there for me.. It was Thursday. I feel bored and nothing for me to do so I went out with my friends for movie. I'm really glad that they actually make my day wonderful and fill lots of happiness for me. I really want to say Thank You to all my friends for giving me so many opportunities and also a better life. I will always keep memories in my mind than keeping those rubbish!!

Smile is the best way to make your day brighter =]
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We had a very blissful dinner today after our movie. I drove through to Penang Times Square for Face To Face Restaurant. We had Pan Noodles there.

The most famous and main food for their menu are Pan Noodles. You can see most of the customers eat Pan Noodles than others food.


You can add-on some chilies, pepper, sauce and etc if you need it.

LOOK!! This is the way you eat it =]]

Three Layer Honey and Soya mix with Cincao

Chef Special with Noodles B .

Hot and Spicy with Noodles A

All of them taste really really good and the food and drinks are reasonable price. Please have a try if you come over Penang. You won't feel regret after you had your meal over here =]]
Okay!Thats all for today.. Good night!!

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