Monday, April 23, 2012@1:16 AM
A day makes me smile
It was a day for me to hang out with my family. I can say that, It's my last day for me to shop everytime whenever I want cause I'm going to college on Wednesday. I think I do not have much time for me to shop around the mall every time like what I'm doing today!!  I randomly took a few pictures after I had done shopping with my family. It's was a last minute plan for us to had our lunch at Dave Dali, Queensbay Mall. Simply wore a grey singlet which I bought from Esprit last year and a short jeans from Prangin Mall. I put a hair band on my hair today cause recently pimples grow around my forehead. LOL =.=

These photo was taken while we were waiting for my food served by Dave Dali's waiter =]

We had our dinner with Chatime =]]

Chatime Hazelnut Coco Milk Tea, Large with Pearl!

Grilled Chicken with RM15.90

Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef with RM15.90.

We were enjoying our shopping at Queensbay Mall together. Although we spent these lots of money today but we were still happy cause we were enjoying and happy with each other. Money can come again if we work hard but happiness and family moment can't be buy if there's someone who willing to pay for the happiness and family moment.

My mum and I bought the same clothes at Padini Concept Store. 
2 FOR RM39!!

RM59.90 with 50% discount at Padini Concept Store.

Three Shirt FOR RM50 and Grey Legging for RM29.90.

I feel simple the way I wore today.. Hmm, got to wear more this kind of style cause I feel more pretty with simple clothes. LOL!!!

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