Monday, April 16, 2012@11:53 PM

Hello peoples, I think I'm going to pick Business Administration for my further studies. My family, relatives and cousins told me to be smart in picking course. Once you picked it, you could not return back. They explain and explain for my future life, money and happiness. It's one of the good way if I choose Business Course. I can do whatever I want in the future.. WHAT IF I DISLIKE BUSINESS? I can try my best to do it.. and I can work for bakery (my favorite occupation) after I have retired that time.. Hmm, I think they are right or maybe they are wrong? My friends told me to pick the course which I like if not I will regret.. I agree with them too but ...

So, I will I will pick Business course right now.. 

I couldn't make any decision from the start and I have nothing to do with my life. I will go when somebody point me to that road.. I will walk till there's no way for me to go and I will stop! This is me!! I do not know why my life change into this way.. Seriously, I do not know what I want for my life. I thought I'll be taking Culinary Art course but after a few days of considering and thinking, I've decided to choose Business Administration. I know I've changed my mind so fast!! Not because I'm not interested in Culinary Art but I listened to my family who had told me Business is one of the way for me to success! I think Business is more suitable for me right now. I went to Tar College just now but I failed to find the way.. I hope I can apply this course tomorrow again. I hope this course really makes me success one day..

I told myself to be brave and strong! I do not want to let them look down on me. I do not want them to think I'm scary cat, I won't crawling back to the hole and many more.. I want to let "them" change their mind from now onwards!!

Pray hard for me for applying Business Administration tomorrow at Tar College.. I hope you will let me in for this intake ^^

(I'm preparing my ORI Birth Cert, ORI Identity Card, ORI Spm Result and ORI Leaving School Cert)
Good Night.. See you tomorrow =] Remember to pray hard for me yea =]

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