Thursday, April 19, 2012@1:11 AM
Apply for College
I'm still awake at this hour again =.=!! My dark circles are getting darker till I look like a grandmother. OH MY GOODNESS!! My mum keep asking me to sleep early but I used to ignore her =[ I feel bad and regretted right now.. I promised, I will sleep early starting tomorrow. Well, I had apply to Segi College this morning.. I lied again cause in my previous post, I said I wanted to go to Tar College but they rejected me cause I'm late for the register, I guess =.= I went to Segi College this morning and applied it.. I had missed the Orientation Day and the classes had started this week =[[  I should focus more for next week.. I have two days classes in one week so I have lots of time to revision yet I can do anything I want =]]

I am taking Certificate in Business Studies for one year. Everyone do ask me why am I taking the Certificate but not Diploma?
The reasons are :
1) I do not know whether this course is my interest so I took this course than wasting my time in Diploma for two years.
2) I want to know more about Business.
3) I do not want to waste my time to think what subject + what college I like.


The amount of Certificate in Business Studies for one year are RM8350 include Register Fees, Library, Computer and etc..

Terms and Condition for the Payment. 

Timetable for the classes for 1st Sem

Receipt after I had paid.
Why have two receipt? RM150 for the register fees and another RM200 for Collection for security deposit 

Payment Card + Library Card

My payment for every month

I have to glue one of my Pasport Photo there.. I'm so lazy to take it =[[

Outfit of the day:

Pin up my hair and black hair clip

Top from Cotton On, Bottom Jeans from Voir 

Bag from F. Timber

I gotta buy more long pants cause it's so cold in the college. Plus, I need more pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, notebook, new pencil case. Gosh, should I bring school bag? Hmmmm...

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