Wednesday, April 11, 2012@6:07 PM
I started a new life today.. It's 11th of April.. Is it a good day for me? Hmmm, I dyed my hair again! Cause my hair root is ugly.. so I went to Hair Salon with my mum and I dye my hair Red + Brown. Sounds crazy, isn't it? I addicted with red but I couldn't dye red for my whole hair cause my family disagree =[[  Plus, my hair look unhealthy after dyeing it + did a digital perm last three months ago. This time I decided to give it a try again. I do not scare how my hair look like cause I will started to do three treatment for a month. It costs RM160 and get one free treatment!! Yeah, what a lucky me who get this kind of promotion from One Stop salon. (i forgotten what's the name of the shop)

Top will be dyeing Red

Bottom will be dyeing Brown.

After that, I went to Gurney Plaza with my friend cause it's movie day today. I kept finding one parking for myself and at last I found it from the highest ground. When I had done parking, I saw there were a lot of cars keep shaking and alarm car suddenly on! My car was shaking too.. I do not know what's happening till I went out and I stand straight! My friend told me it's Earthquake!! OMG!!! We quickly drove out from the parking but they were lots of cars and it makes the way jam!! OH NOOO!!

Everyone was driving out! Can you see the green light keep increasing?

Lots of people were lining up for the ticket payment!

We used one hour and half to drove out from Gurney Plaza.. GOSH!! Traffic jam everywhere cause no one dare to drove around the beach/sea side


I am stupid cause we shouldn't drove out from the mall. We should have run out from the mall than driving out. Am I right? My parents scolded me when I had reached home.. LOL!!

Outfit of the day :

(Casual wear) = Top Orange from Brands Outlet, Bottom Jeans from Brands OutletBag from Charles and Keith and Shoes from Nose.

My hair colour does not look that sharp and bright =[ I need to on my camera flash light to snap it.. Anyway, is it nice with my hair colour?


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