Sunday, April 8, 2012@11:30 PM
I am so exciting meeting my school friends today but we meet each other for only 1hour and half because they were lots of peoples who came to Gurney Plaza today =[ It makes me hard to find a car park. It brings me for two hours turning to the left and right for a car park!! I had be very patient while I am searching it. While I am searching for a car park, a kind hearted man brings me where he park his car. I am waiting for him to reverse out but one of the car behind me stole it and straight park it!! WHAT THE FXCK, RIGHT? Does she know what is respect and lining up in a row? Gosh!! Please go back to the primary school!! I am so fxcing hate this kind of person who do not show some respect. Everyone was waiting and lining up in a row but you took it without any reason har? WHAT THE!!

At night, out with other my friend to James Foo, Western Food after his work... A very last minute plan for us cause we thought it will be "traffic jam" at Gurney Plaza car park at 10pm sharp but we were wrong. We never knew it's Monday tomorrow so everyone had went back to sleep earlier =]]

There's only two of us so we don't dare to order too much else we gonna waste it. But there's too much yummy things to order.

Ice Lemon Tea and Keat La Plum Juice (IT'S MINE!)

Holland Chicken (MINE!)

Chicken Gorden

Had a super great night to full my stomach.Thank you so much who accompany me to have my supper. But I felt uncomfortable with my stomach after I had drank a glass of Keat La Plum Juice. In addition, it makes my lips dry too =[[

Lastly, I had bought P14G today so I can used it where ever I go with my lappie and my phone.   

P14G line is good but the problem is, I should charge it after every 4hours if I do not shut down or click stand by. It can stay last long if I on it whenever I want to use it except lappie. I can charge it while I am using it ^^ I do not sign contract for postage. I get a prepaid package and get one year free for the payment..

Go for more information cause I'm sucks in explaining + my English is poor too..

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