Monday, March 19, 2012@11:20 PM
SPM result is coming soon :/

Today is 19th of March.. One more day for me to play and relax.. Tomorrow will be the last day and I gonna face my SPM result!! WHAT??!! SPM RESULT IS COMING SOON BUT I'M NOT READY YET!! I'M NOT!! Why do you come so soon?? Why time passes so fast!!

What to do if I get bad results? What to do if my subjects is fail? What to do if I can't apply to a good college because of my bad results?

OH MY GOD!!! My mum, my relatives, my mum's friends, my friends!!
Please don't kill me if I get bad results =[ 

Arghh, hopefully to get a better results. Good luck to all the 2011 SPM candidates!

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