Monday, March 12, 2012@11:53 PM
Short Fringe

Hello there.. I just came back from Salon.. Guess what? I had cut my fringe a lil bit shorter so I can cover my ugly forehead.. (picture taken from my canon Ixus 1000HS)

I went to Sun Young's Hair Studio Penang which is nearby at Sungai Ara. It's my first time I went there for a haircut.Why? It is because one of my friend is working over there.. I'm want to support her and I need to cut my hair cause my hair was too damaged, so I felt ok to cut it.

She is washing my hair.. It's kidda relaxing while she massage my head.. Hmmmhmmm*

Done washing my hair and wrapped around with a towel.

Is going to dry my hair by using hair dryer. 


Washing, blowing, cutting within 20minutes. I'm done with nice and tidy fringe and cut away those damaged hair.
(My hair will grow so chill, blogger. My friend disagree when I said I'm going cut my fringe away. LOL!)

I hope you will like my new hairstyle although nothing much different here.

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