Friday, March 2, 2012@5:50 PM
Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF.. I'm officially 18years old this year.. I'm very thankful to my friends who helped me to celebrated my Birthday. So the last minute decision is to dine in The Library @Straits Quey, Penang. A very normal day for me to celebrate my birthday. I can't even feel the happiness although my friends celebrate my birthday with me. I just one YOU to celebrate my birthday but my wish will never come true.. "The more I expect, the more I felt disappointed deeply." I do my best choice to have dinner at here. I wanted to feel how clubbing and pub are but I felt regret to went in there cause it's crowded and noisy.. I hate noisy songs.. I want to find a relax place.. Grrr* They have the most delicious Pizza and Spaghetti, Arghh....once I think about the Pizza and the Spaghetti it makes me hungry!! Btw, I'm shock with their drinks.. RM6 per mineral water!! WHAT THE?? Alcohol drinks everywhere but I can't drink even tasted it =.= No drinks makes my mouth dried !! WHAT A GOOD PLACE !!

THE LIBRARY!! Here I come =] (i love the design of THE LIBRARY menu)

Salad are loves 

Smoked Pizza Chicken.

A very surprising Haagen-Dazs cake appear in front of me.. ICE-CREAM WHITE CHOCOLATE CAKE are love =]

Thank you to everyone who has sent me Birthday Wishes. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


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