Friday, March 23, 2012@1:16 AM
Education Fair
SPM result had been taken and what we are going to face is, College or University. It's our future and we should face it and take it very important. From the started, I planned not to study anymore yet helping my mum to work in her restaurants and cafe. Being a boos is fun than working with others boss.. Sometimes they will makes you piss off whenever they scolded you in front of the customers or things that you didn't do wrong but being a boss is cool. You can do whatever you like. Rules is in your hand..

After a pass few months, I changed my mind. One of a friend of mine, told me a story while he was working with his boss and his boss treated him so well but the boss did scolded him too. He don't even piss off but he noted down his words and keep changing till his boss like appreciate him and likey him. He even told me that, no cert, you can't work. It's like you will get a low salary compared if you study something?

But one problem! The course that I want to study, couldn't make my country proud. It is because less people work and study for culinary art and design.. I even get a poor result for my SPM =.= What should I do now? Goshh!! I'm headache with those course that I need to choose. Seriously, I do not have opinion for myself. I asked my family and friends about their opinion but no one give me the right opinion which can change my mind.. Is it that he's the only guy who can make me change? Arghh, I hate myself sometimes.. I do not know how to choose things for myself =.=

No opinion, no decision so I dressed myself up.

It's my first time I used flash to snap picture of mine without closing my eyes but my face it's kidda oily ==

Then drove to Traders Hotel, Penang with my friends for Education Fair. I found out lots of College which they target atleast 3 credits but I do not own it =.= What should I do??

I am so headache like shit here =.=


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