Saturday, March 10, 2012@11:12 PM
Daily life
As usual, I'm working today.. Wakes up in the early morning at 0830am and brush my teeth, wash my face, took a bath, dress up, took my bag(phones, cosmetics, purse, tissue, charger, handfree, took my spectacles, took a pen) and took my lappie. Straight to my parent's cafe. What I do after I had reached there?
Well, turn on my lappie, keep my money in the drawer, note down the workers who are late (like being a teacher) and I drink a glass of Iced Milo. My maid scolded me and said, you shouldn't drink it in the morning. It makes your stomach worse than before. My head full of Questions Mark and I do not know what should I answer cause I have finished it.. LOL!! And you know what? I'm using Penang Free Wifi just now. It is so slow like a turtle and I need to wait at least two minutes to finish loading.. Swt,, I even can't blog my daily about yesterday because I'm using my Sony Quick Web Access. What a weird lappie I had been bought =.= I have to use Sony browser so that I can log and use the Wifi. Gosh!! It freaks me out just now.. I think I gonna buy a broadband for myself. I can surfing internet whenever I go..

FINEEEEE~~~!!! Back to the topic about my cafe.

We were having lots of customers in the Cafe today.. We are busying serving the customers yet served the drinks, breads and things they had order.. I am a cashier girl who collects money and even pay attention with the workers. I helps them see those customers who still never order a drinks.. It makes me feel so sleepy and it makes my eyes feel so painful.. Luckily, I'm smart bringing a spectacles besides me every time. And also makes me forget to put it back in my car cause I need spectacles whenever I drive my car. =.=  I can't see clearly the road if I am not wearing on it.. I have two spectacles last time but my maid had lose one of it.. That was my favourite spectacles =[ I guess I gonna buy one for myself again.. Maybe the other day cause I'm saving money for a new camera and going trip whenever I want.. =]]]

Btw, I having problems. I feels so painful with my stomach nowadays. I do not know what's the problems.. It makes me pain like hell.. I having it yesterday night. It makes me can't sleep well and I having headache too =.= What a day right? Gosh! I do not know what happen with me.. I own lots of sickness.. Maybe those sickness in love with me so deeply but sorry to say that, I'm not in love with you, SICKNESS! Hmm, should I tell my family? I did told them last time but I have nothing after I go medical check up.. I guess I shouldn't tell them nor show them the pain.. Smile is the best way to be..

Always stay happy in the holiday.. Spend your time with your family or maybe makes an activities for a trip? Hmm, I wish to go Kuala Lumpur or somewhere around here.. I mean Malaysia.. At least I can go a trip on Holidays but badly, no one is here for me whenever I need or invited them.. Sadly to say, I'm all alone even thought it iss Holiday now. =[ Hopefully this holiday will make us believe that we're exactly where we're supposed to be.

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