Tuesday, March 6, 2012@7:36 PM
Botanical Garden
I wakes up at 6am this morning.. What a joke right? My family members were shocked too and said, "WHY DO YOU WAKES UP THIS EARLY TODAY?" I told them that I want to go morning walk at Botanical Garden.. They surprised cause I did not wakes up so early after I had end schooling last year.. Bleeeee* I admit I'm lazy and looks like a pig sleep late everyday but I did work everyday, like helping my parents at Coffee Shop, Clothing and ...

Back to the topic..
As I said, I went to Botanical Garden today with one of my friend, Kun. He pretty hates people snap his picture and put at Facebook.. I HATE HIM SO MUCHHH!!! joking** cause I can't show any picture of him whenever I go out with him.. Never mind, as long as I feel happy being with him where ever we go.. Don't mistaken! We are just friend, alright?

In the morning, lights are on. You don't even see any sun at 6am at Penang. Maybe others county can but Malaysia, NO!! so you can't see any colours except the peoples and the lights out there..

Resting on a bunch of chair which had provided and snap a pictures of mine.. FLASHLIGHT: ON!*

Okay, I guess you are feel bored looking at my picture.. Well, next picture..

Sunset is comingggggggggggg =]

Bleeeeeee, I love the treesssss.. Looks greats... =]


The uncle looks sporty although the picture had blur!

The view looks greats over there. I having lots of memories here cause I went with bunch of my classmates to snap pictures with our folio on Form 3 and even I having problems with my ex-boyfriend that time! I remember walking in here our first day for orientation and feeling disoriented cause everything was different and new like going to Standard 1.

Aunties are doing yoga?? I do not know what they are doing but they are healthy enough doing it every morning. 

Even uncles joined too =]

Then we went in to the garden.. OMG!! I see lots of beautiful flowers over there.. 


Flowerssssss.. How they cut in these shape?? What a creative decoration..

Flowers again?? I love seeing flowers in the river makes the river looks colourful without any rubbish =]

Btw, do you see Monkey up there?? There are lots of Monkeys in the Botanical Garden.. They won't scare you or disturb you when you ignored them.. We treat them good, and they will treat us good =]

Okay, flowers again.. Please don't get bored.. Seriously, I'm in love with flowers XD


Tiny fish in the river =]

Beautiful shy with birds everywhere =]

I do not know why the clouds looks so dark with my iPhone 4 camera.. 

Later, we had tiring of walking the whole junction at Botanical Garden (i guess i'm the one who feel tired), we went to Subway.. We snuck in so I can eat there cause I never choose a flavour by myself! hahaha*  Then I realized there are lots of type of bread, different vegetables, sauces and ... I'm stupid enough !!

Ordered a slice chicken with eggs with a drink of Milo.
It is full and worth to eat.. NOM* NOM* NOM* NOM!! I had taken half an hour to finish it cause I'm enjoying my bread with a good environment over there.. Don't remember to take your breakfast at Subway cause it's cost RM6.30 for a set =] Good enough, right?

Okay, going to prepare for my outing with my friends! Goodbye =]

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