Tuesday, March 20, 2012@11:14 PM
Awesome day
I am so happy. Just got back from my outing with my friends.. Woohoo!! It is such a relaxing day for me and I even like forgot about my SPM result!! LOL!!

We watched "This Means War". Omg!! I couldn't forget about this movie's story.. It is such an awesome movie. It's about love, action, friendship movie. They said, a bored movie for them but I don't think so :/

This story is about, Two of the world's deadliest CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends - until they discover that they've fallen in love with the same woman. Deciding to keep their friendship a secret from her, they pull out their full arsenal of fighting skills and high-tech gadgetry to defeat their greatest enemy - each other.

Omg, I'm in love with all the part of these movie but if someone watch this movie with me, he will makes me chill down and .. Arghh. forget about it* I really couldn't chill down and keep nervous than the actor =.=

I never ever regret to watched this movie although I'm late to watch it :/

After the movie, we went to Paradise =]] Here are some quick pictures from my camera.

Today is super duper awesome day but I know it's just only me =.=" cause no one would like to snap pictures with me.. =.= Fine!! But I just don't mind.  Seriously one of the best day i’ve ever had. It is a perfect choice to do before you have to face a big problems !!

In the night, we had our dinner in China house which I wanted to go for a very long.. Woohoo* Thanks to my friends who can makes my dream come true..

Okay, night nite.. I need to sleep and face for my SPM result tomorrow. CIAO*

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