Thursday, March 29, 2012@7:56 PM
Hello!Finally I can blog about 29032012 cause my lappie had gone for four days so I need to asked my sister permission to use her lappie. End up I used the computer which my mum had bought it lately. Posted a a few food which I had ate with my friends in 29032012 (last night).

For a sudden decision, we went to James Foo, Western Food at Tanjung Tokong. We have to wait for more than an hour to be seated. Its means that this restaurant are well popularity among Penang-ian. Therefore, is make me must pay a visit to this, and I planned a date/time for it to avoid any disappointing moment. The family made their name starting at Fatty Loh’s Chicken Rice shop and then shifting to their own shop two lots next to the Fatty Loh's. Their success is seen and proven by the official opening of their brand new outlet. The new outlet and the old one are neighbors. It was not the first time ever I go to the James Foo. This time, my friend Kun be my GPS and bring me over there.

My friend has chosen Holland Chicken. It has Grilled Chicken with Cheese, Pineapple and Ham.

HOLLAND CHICKEN with RM10.50 (if i'm not wrong)

and I have chosen Chicken Maryland.

Chicken Maryland withRM10.50

My glass of Ice Lemon Tea small with RM2.20 (if i'm not wrong) 

The food over there is reasonable and the foods are delicious!! I never lied.. Go and try for once before you said I lied.

After our dinner, we went to nearby beach. We walked and we spoke with each other.. Pondering our life with each other again. Hahahaha.. I am shock when he told me something that makes me sad and mad. Before I started with be my ex-boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend helped my crush a lot and he even plan the way to let him propose with me when I stayed at hospital. I were like, are you kidding me? Whose the one lie to me right now? I always put the problems in my heart. I thought I had blame the wrong person and I even apologize to him that time. I can't forget how I hurt a guy who propose with me face to face. I am moody after they were back home. I thought he was the one who wanted to visited me but it was my crush who want to visit me. I'm totally wrong after I had heard it and started to cried deep in my heart. I show him my love but he show me lies. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Can I find a true heart person who love me but not lies? Please! I can't accept it even my very close friend betrayal me! OMG!!! How can I trust a person right now? This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me.

It almost makes my spectacles lose! Thank god the stranger pass it for me but badly they had stepped my spectacles and even get scratches. Seriously, I'm mad! RM330 spectacles stepped for a stranger and I can't wear it anymore!! Good to know this news from my friend =.=

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