Wednesday, March 21, 2012@12:38 PM
Today is the day for all SPM Candidates 2011 go back to school. WHY? It is because SPM results is out and we should face it whatever we get..

So I drove to school this morning and meet May Yin, Eggy, Kokky which is near by our school cafe for Hokkien Mee? Then, about to walk in  the school main door, "Your pants is too short. You can't go in, said the school guide. We were like, what? Are you kidding me? Too short and we can't go in? Nobody even inform us that WE COULD NOT WEAR A SHORT PANTS TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! What if we stayed far away from the school? Like me? I need to drive over my school about 15-30minutes. You asked me to drive back home??!! =.= Luckily, May stayed nearby the school so we went to her house and changed our "LONG" pants!

Reached school, lining up for our results*
It's my turn.. Meet my previous form teacher and get everything from him even my result.. He chill me down when I said I do not want to look for my result.  

I'm glad if this is my result for SPM! LOL.. I taken this image from Facebook.. What a funny result I see.. 

I'm kidda moody and down after seeing my result.. Drove back home and slept till four something.. Phone ringing and I answer. Would you like to watch John Carter tonight?, said my friend. Sure for my replied.. So my friend picked me up to 1st Avenue for a movie.

This movie tells us about hope, love and trust. The story is all about a man from Earth who is in search for a cape of gold. One day, he was transplanted to planet Mars because of the medallion. On his new world, he began to discover bigger things in life that really matter. From being a selfish man, he became a savior not only for the princess but to the whole city of Helium.

Watch the full trailer of John Carter 2012 movie!
IT'S ANOTHER AWESOME MOVIE THAT I HAD WATCHED AGAIN!!! Never feel any regret sitting down and watched about 2hours and something?

Before the movie, we went to played pool.. I'm a winner!! LOL!! I'm serious!! No lying nor saying things that does not happen..

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