Saturday, February 25, 2012@5:42 PM
Wedding Dinner
Gonna do a short update before I go to sleep again! Today is a wedding dinner day who my friend had invited me to his friend's sister wedding party at Evergreen Hotel. Just got my bath and make up off and I dress my clothes up. So tiring yet feeling excited cause I can't wait to see his friends over there!

Today's make up is a lil lady type. This is what my friend told me. YOU LOOK A LIL BIT LADY TODAY, said my friend. But I felt a lil bit old =[

Dress from Voir, Necklaces from Voir. *Opps! I forgotten to wear bracelets. =[*

Dinner bag from Bebe Butterfly.

Earrings from Jewellery shop.

We were late to the wedding dinner cause my friend was busying with his job till 8pm and I were late to reached the place he asked me to met him.. Both of us were late. I hate rushing makes me feel mad and things goes bad. He drive very fast likes a crazy taxi game. Do you play this game before? It's quite interested game. I love playing this game through facebook.

CRAZY TAXI but the wallpaper called as 'Taxi Gone Wild". *hahaha* He is a wild taxi driver when he gone mad.

His friends are so friendly and his friend called him as a girly but not man. They even asked him to wear a dress. Laugh die me seriously. I can't imagined I can know a friends like them even though we do not talk much that time. As long as we know who we are..

Btw, I am super regret cause I do not snap the foods over there. DO YOU KNOW WHY?? I do not bring my iPhone down!!! Arghh.. Hates*~!! I go crazy when I see so much people snap pictures over there.. Ish!! Forget about it..

Lastly, my friend and I went to Paradise Beach after the party. It's unforgettable day for me.. He speak out something that I wanted to listen for a very long time. No! No! No! I wanna listen this kind of sentences from my boyfriend but no one told me before. Swt.. I'm curious when I going to found a boyfriend like him who treat me right, speak out everything from his bottom of heart, be a man and bla bla bla.. Aww, I'm envy with those couples who had a wonderful day with his/her girlfriends/boyfriends.


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