Wednesday, February 22, 2012@4:52 PM
Romancing In Thin Air
The poster of the movie are Romancing In Thin Air. The romantic drama stars Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Gao Yuanyuan and Wang Baoqiang.

This movie tells us about being in love and to be love. Michael Lau (Louis Koo), is dumped by his fiancee on the altar after her long-lost love turns up, his career and health leaves as well. In an alcohol-induced state, he manages to hitch a ride in Sau's (Sammi Cheng) truck, thus following her back to her motel, which she also manages, in the mountains. Michael is finally discovered, and after much mishaps, he begins a journey of self-recovery, while falling in love with Sau along the way, who also happens to be a big fan of his. However, Sau is still waiting for her missing husband to return, which made for credible conflict and a juicy plot. It is details like Sau sending the recovering alcoholic Michael to obtain wine for her from the church and how all the villagers seem to be so hostile towards each other yet help one another during certain scenes that made watching the movie jarring.

This story really makes me cry from my bottom of my heart. I can feel the pain when my ex-boyfriend dumped me while I having lots of problems. He don't use to care and even ignored me like a stranger. Plus, when Sau's husband is in love with Sau, he do not dare to speak out loud with her.. He used to keep it as secret until Sau said that she is in love with him. I'm having this feeling with me and I totally fed up how my friend try to treat me..

This story really mean to me cause this is how I feel like an idiot in front of a guy that I love. I had been try a lot of times but at the end I got hurt by myself. I hope he will speak out loud with three words that I want to hear for a very long time..

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