Thursday, February 2, 2012@11:59 PM
I need a new phone. My iPhone 4 makes me piss off with all the problems I went through. I know I still having five months warranty but what if it spoilt over again? Where I gonna get the money for me to repair? I love iPhone with the icon but I guess iPhone don't love me =.=" I'm trying to search a new touch screen phone.. Any phone recommended? I guess I too annoying about phone topic since last year =.= but I really needs it right now. I can't live without touch screen phone with free call from viber, whatapps, and other software which provide free to contact people by using internet wifi.

In previously, I suggested to buy Samsung Galaxy Note but I afraid I having problems with it. I heard my friends having lots of problem with their Samsung although my sisters who were Samsung users still do not have any problems. It could be wasting my money getting a phone that having problems all the time? Can I make a special phone for my own. LOL! Seriously, I'm talking nonsenses here =.=. You can ignored me but don't ignore my blog.


Samsung Galaxy Note is a great phone. It provided an equation of phone + looks like laptop + good in camera for 8.0 megapixel + mp3 + notebook + schedule book + scrapbook + drawing tablet + tv + gaming gadget.
I named TEN important things that we can't live without and it's all in ONE Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy Note looks adorable XD

Samsung Galaxy Note comes along with a pen. It called the S Pen. It easily for us to type words and designing pictures. Especially for the girls who own a long nails.



Click for more Samsung Galaxy Note.

Or any phone that is better than Samsung Galaxy Note? 
I hope I can get a new phone on my birthday XD

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