Wednesday, February 29, 2012@11:59 PM
Outings with my friends
Friends outings day so Chen Kun invited me for dinner along with Joan.. We drive-thru to McDonald @ Greenlane for our dinner.. It's my first time eating burger in my car.  As usual, I ordered McChicken set cause it's the only burger I will ever eat. No others except Double Cheeseburger but I rarely eat it.. I'm Buddhist so I'm not allowed to eat beef. Nowadays, everyone do not follow the rules of God. They eat everything and drink everything except me.. I do follow my religion rules ^^

Smile is the better way than getting sad and sad.. Imma hate being emo but I always be emo than smiling =.= I love this picture so much but iPhone front camera sucks!! =3=

Okay, we drive across to @Starbucks, Straits Quey. I was having dilemma picking what to eat, cake or muffin? At the end, I asked myself to save up my money so I do not pick anything. Unexpectedly, Chen Kun bought one slide of cake for me. I was shocked for a second and he sing "Happy Birthday" song for me. Awww, what a great friend like him? Doing stuff for sudden.. Seriously, he gives me surprise =] What a great friend I meet.

Actually he bought two slides cakes for Joan and I. Joan picked another slide cake for herself. I do not know what's the cake called as cause I'm not the one who bought it. I'm sorry.. So, here's the cake =]

'Happy birthday "two" you. Happy birthday "two" you. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday "two" you." sang by Chen Kun. What a funny song he sang for us. We laugh non-stop with his funny action all the time.

I am glad that you make my day smile today. I never celebrate birthday with my friends before. It was amazing. Thanks for celebrating my birthday although its still not my birthday today. Hahaha*

I hope everything goes fine on March =] Bye bye, thanks for everything hehehe @ChenKun.

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