Monday, February 20, 2012@11:45 AM
Man On A Ledge
I'm preparing to go out for movie with my friend. I used atleast an hour to prepare while waiting for him to pick me up.

So, this is my outfit of the day.
Red Top from MnG, Black Bottom from Voir, Bracelets, Bag bought from Prangin Mall.

I having dinner at Magic Kitchen @ 1st Avenue. Thanks for the patient who was waiting me to complete it. =]

Okay, today is the movie day again.. Guess what movie I've watched? I guess nobody know except my friend, him =] 

We watched Man On A Ledge @1st Avenue, Penang.
Nick Cassidy is standing one of the highest floors of New York City's famed Roosevelt Hotel. It's 21st floor.. Can you imagine how high the building is? Nick Cassidy didn't commit although he had been sentenced to 25 years in prison for a robbery so he asked his Cassidy’s loyal brother, Joey and his girlfriend Angie to stole a diamond to prove that Nick Cassidy did not became a thief for 25years ago. Nick is trying to prove his innocence with a complex plan that involves a jewelry heist.

This movie is 100% awesome movie. Never see, never know.

Click and play to watch Man On A Ledge Trailer.

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