Wednesday, February 8, 2012@1:11 PM
Lolipot Shabu Shabu @ Bay avenue Queensbay Penang
This is another steamboat restaurant that I went in Penang. They transformed our Chinese traditional steamboat into more fun way to dine in. The steamboat items are served on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes about 8 minutes to complete a cycle. So if you miss the item you will have wait another 8 minutes :) Slices of pork, lamb and beef will be served upon request. This is because they wanted to make sure the meat is served in fresh way. It's such a YUMMY YUMMY FOODS. Meat is tender and juicy, soup increase in flavor. And yeah this is another localize shabu shabu buffet restaurant. The buffet price is RM36++ per person. It's kidda worth with the price and have a wonderful+relaxing place you will be seated.

The place that I mentioned was LOLIPOT localize Shabu Shabu.
They serve three basic soups, which are clear soup, tomyam soup and rice wine soup. They will have a special soup of the month.This month will be served a Garlic Soup. The taste is quite wonderful. This promo will add in RM5. I had tried four types of the soup. Tomyam will be my 1st choice.

Place we were sitting. They will served us a dining table if we had reached for five person and above. It's could be a best way cause we won't separate each other for a very far places.

There are a bunch of seat that looks like a Sushi shop with the foods around the tables. The customers might be easy to take any food they want than eating in the dining table. They are alot of to choose from on the conveyor belt. From meat, vegetable, mushroom to many types of bola. (20++ types of item to choose from)

We ordered three different set which is Lamb, Pork and Seafood, actually all are the same except the meat slice and seafood is different according to your set. We have total of 3 boat like bowl of fish ball and vegetable, each bowl has around 20 types of ingredients which is quite a lot.

Vegetables set 1

Vegetables set 2

Ten slice of lamb and ten slice of pork, which is quite tasty and fresh.
Every slice will be eaten by us within five minutes and you will see an empty plate in front of you. There an example for the slice of pork. Two slices had missing.. There are giant who can't stop eating. Hahaha*

Slice of Abalone that I ate with Tomyam Soup served. LOOK SPICY?

I do not know what it named and another two sausages are waiting for me to eat them with clear soup.

We can change any soup after we had empty the pot. Like finishing the soup?

Four types of drink are available. Orange, mango, green tea honey and peach tea. I had tried the four types of drinks.

There are also eight types of ice cream to choose. I love the mango very much.

Drinks and desert are included in the price.

Taking a family photo with my camera.

We were gathering with a bunch of friends included our teacher, Mrs Ang with her husband. Another guy was hiding behind the camera =.= Happily with each other with the jokes, happiness and etc. Like a past few years in the class.

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